Top-Notch Software for the IBM i and AS/400

The machine name has changed over the years, but one thing has not: Bug Busters technicians continue to be top IBM i experts.  Since 1988 we have focused exclusively on creating state-of-the-art software for the AS/400 platform and its variously named successors.  Learn more about Bug Busters.

Replication, Object  Distribution and More

Our software provides elegant, economical solutions for IBM i shops.  Whether it's reliably replicating your production server to a hot backup, enhancing system security or assisting with software and object distribution, Bug Busters has the applications you need.

Our products are installed on thousands of machines the world over-- from Argentina and Australia, to France, Germany, the UK and everywhere in between.  Learn more about our products.

You've Come to The Right Place For State-of-the-Art Solutions:

Mirror RSF-HA.  iSeries Replication and High Availability.
MFT RSF (Base Version).  Object distribution and Managed File Transfer.
CDs CD Builder.  Create iSeries compatible save/restore CDs and DVDs.
Security A la Carte Menu and Security System.  Dynamic menus and security management.
Newsgroups Rendezvous/400.  Host iSeries newsgroups, forums and chat.



The impossible just got a lot easier.